Brett Harrelson:

             a "pup and coming" movie star

(Los Angeles)-- "Most people would recognize me from The People Versus Larry Flint, where I played Jimmy Flint, the brother of Larry, who was played by my real brother Woody."

He' s Brett Harrelson, youngest of the three Harrelson brothers, the most visible of whom is Woody. Woody Harrelson starred in the television series Cheers and has since risen to stardom on the big screen in movies such as White Men Can't Jump, Wag the Dog, and of course The People Versus Larry Flint. Woody has received media attention for his strong environmental stance. (In 1996, he was arrested for climbing the Golden Gate Bridge. Woody was demonstrating for the protection of redwood groves.)

Brett also considers himself an environmentalist and an advocate of nature.

"I'm definitely a friend of all animals, which is why I stopped eating them about seven years ago."

Brett says while he's not expecting everyone to share his beliefs, he's chosen to be a vegan, which is a vegetarian who doesn't consume animal products.

"Well, first off, I did not become a vegan from an animal rights standpoint," says Brett. I'm definitely an activist for animal rights and particularly environmental rights, but it came about for me from a dietary standpoint of health. I believe that most of your diseases are caused from a high consumption of animal products."

But, Brett says even if he weren't a vegan for health reasons, he would practice that form of vegetarianism on moral grounds.

"I don't want to eat my friends. I'm an active scuba diver. I really enjoy swimming with dolphins and fish and I just can't imagine shooting a deer or eating a fish."  

As for domestic animals, Brett says he doesn't have pets of his own due to his travel and work schedule, but he had dogs and cats while growing up and he'd like them in his life again in the future.

"I just look forward to the day when I'm settled enough that I actually an come home again to my pets."
Photos: Brett Harrelson sits with Patti Duran and her two Dachshunds. Patti was walking the dogs in the vicinity of where The Animal Channel conducted its interview with Brett. We asked her to appear in the photo with him.



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