Aren't you glad you sniffed out The Animal Channel web site? Here is what we have in store for the near future.

Ap-PETites-Bone-Appetite!- Places to take pets for something both of you can eat. A nationwide guide, so open wide.

Pet Therapy-Read about how animals are helping the physically and mentally challenged. A group of Seniors are paid a visit by some cuddly canines. Mentally challenged children go horseback riding and their lives will never be the same. A veteran, blinded in a bloody World War II battle, has learned that his best friend has four legs. These stories will amaze you.

Fur-Shur-So, if you were a dog, what would you be doing? If you were born a cat that could talk, what would you say? This column is for all you literary types who dream of being a four-legged or flying animal. Your only limit is your imagination.
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