Opinion & Editorial

Yours Cruelly

By Joe Kozlowski

You twisted, deranged, maniacal creep. No, I'm not talking about your last date. I'm talking the bastard that shot a golden retriever in the mouth, chest and lower stomach area in North Texas recently. That's right, some doggone jerk with a mean streak wider than his butt pumped several bullets into a defenseless dog, now called "Joshua." But guess what, the dog was tougher than you could have imagined and like Gloria Gaynor, he "will survive."

Homeowner Christy Gough heard noises under her home, so she decided to find out what was going on. She found two Golden Retrievers, one of them with several ounces of lead inside his body. Gough quickly called Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) and they offered to help. Pat Milfield of GRR said, "I think a lot of people would've seen a dog in this condition and immediately put it down because of the severity of the wounds." But this canine will thrive, thanks to people like Christy Gough and the Golden Retriever Rescue squad.

It never surprises me how low people go to hurt such a loveable dog like Joshua. This Golden Retriever treasure will soon undergo reconstructive surgery to fix his damaged upper palate. As for the schmuck who shot Joshua, I'd like to perform the brain surgery you so badly need. Of course, it wouldn't be a long operation, you clearly don't have much upstairs. "Better to be the fool than cruel."
-----Joe Kozlowski

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