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Pet Pix- You send us your funniest, cutest, strangest or favorite pet photo. Cat, dog, bird, frog, it doesn't matter; we're an equal opportunity purveyor of pet photos.

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Here's Hercules! Says owner Kim, "He thinks he's a big dog and hates to be locked up on the front porch. In this pic, he was planning an escape route to play with the big dogs. Hercules is 9 months old in this pic, and he weighs 2 lbs."

Katry & Michi, babies of Alicia Guerrero of Jacksonville, FL

This is my incredible rescued from shelter Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sugar Bear. She has adapted well in 3 short months.

Karen L. Browne-Fleck
Atlanta, GA

Here is Maisie - she is a 6 year old Westie. I was decorating the tree and was having a hard time with the lights. I looked down and she was sitting ON them, looking up at me! I had to get the hat and take the pic. She is the best pup and a wonderful, loved member of our family!

Laura Morey

Tyler Johnson from Jacksonville, Florida shared photos of his furry (and feathered) friends. Tyler writes: "Please find attached a few pictures of my dog, a very ferocious yet snugly German Shepherd/Chow-Chow mix. Also, I attached a photo of me with a horse in St. Louis and another of a duck and some ducklings that were at a friend's apartment complex a couple years ago."







Mauro from Spain with Negra the hen and Ronnie the dog.


Mauro with his new friend Aguila



The Musician of Carole Silva of Encino, CA

Jason and his three ladies.

Bashert in the milkweed. "He likes to roll in tall weeds." Thanks to Annie Iselin of Greenwood Village, Colorado for this photo.

Coley & Logan

Tigger and Taffy, four-legged children of
Len Thorson of "The Great State of" North Dakota


These are our two dogs, I should say babies. A Pitt Bull and a mixed Chow. They love to take rides in the car. We go to the Peaks of Otter and hike the trails with them. My husband always has to argue with our mixed Chow, Alfie, because he always wants to drive on the way home. :)
----Brenda and Vinny Amherst, Virginia

Moochie was a pregnant stray when she showed up. I took her in and fed her and she became one of the family. My husband used to tease me and say that my cat was mooching off of us, so I said fine, her name is Moochie. The name stuck and she has been Moochie ever since. She had her kittens, and we've seen that they all got good homes. Then, we had her spayed and she has been my big baby every since. Moochie wants for nothing.
----Brenda V. from Amherst, Virginia

  This is our black lab, Rottweiler mixed dog that we had for a long time in the family. He was my husband's dog when we first were married. He is from Long Island, New York. He passed away last year and we miss him. He is always in our hearts, our Spikey boy.
----Vinny Jr. from Amherst Virginia


Misty came to us from a friend of ours. She needed a good retirement home and we could provide it. She spends her days grazing on her hay and grass and gives us enjoyment. Here she is begging for her grain, her favorite food, she begs by holding up her front hoof and moving it up and down. She has a little of an attitude, but that is ok. She is allowed; we are here to serve her.
---- Brenda Lee from Amherst, Virginia

This is Moe, he loves watching the 3 stooges on TV...
" Moe " Owner-Jessi Tacho...
L.I. N.Y.

  This is J.C. (AKA: kitten Roo)

Hi, My name is Glory. I am a 3 y.o. registered palomino/white Paint mare. These pictures are of me doing a trick and of my mom (Megan Kenney) and I. My mom slept with me for the first week of my life every night, so we are very attached. Every time she comes to see me at the barn she whistles to me and I run to the gate to meet her. She loves teaching me things and I love to learn. She even taught me to lie down and play dead as well as bow. If I ever need anything, she never hesitates to make sure I get it. She tells me that we have big plans together and that we will make it to the upper levels in dressage someday after finishing the Parelli Partnership program. She has promised me that she will never leave me and I'll always get the best care possible. I believe her because I have done some naughty things and she still loves me unconditionally.




My name is Jessica from Racine, WI.  This is my cat Molly. She is three years old. This was taken the other day when she was sleeping.

                    Molly the Cat


My dog Sabre is a male Brindle Great Dane.  He is 7 years old. We put bunny slippers on him. He lets us do anything to him. He's so sweet natured.

----Sincerely, Anita LaForte


Poco & Ernie, "sons" of Anne Franks (Spokane, WA)


This is Gus and Red. They are Rhodesian Ridgeback cousins. Gus just turned 7 months old and is now able to out run and steal kisses from his 3 year old, 126 pound best buddy Red, who seems quite surprised.

----Tom Hively


This is Pepper she is 2 1/2 years old. She is a Cocker Spaniel mix. She
loves everybody, and she loves to give kisses. I love her very much and she loves me just as much.



It was last year in October, it was late at night and my cat Ivory was still outside playing around. My dad was getting ready for work, while me and my mom were fixing his lunch. Then he decided after getting dressed he should start the car up early since it was cold outside. Me and my mom called for Ivory a couple of times to come in, but she didn't come. He came back in and got his lunch and went to the car, but then he decided he wanted to switch cars. He did'nt want to drive his convertible, so he started up the jeep instead. When he got out of the car Ivory came up to see him, but he did'nt see her and closed the car door right behind her when she jumped in the car. As he waited for a couple of minutes for the jeep to get warm, we called for Ivory again and she still didn't come. We got worried because it was going on 11:00, so after my dad left for work me and my mom went back in the house and decided that we'll sleep for a little bit and then wake up to check! on her every now and then. Then it came to morning and it was 7:00. I was still sleeping, but my mom was awake and she yelled for my name, telling me to come outside, come outside. When I went outside there was the cat, in my dad's car pawing at the window, then we figured that's what happened my dad locked her in the car by mistake. As soon as I opened the door she flew out and in to the house.

 ---- Kammy Jones
Florissant, MO



Here is another picture of my cat Ivory Jones posing in a box.

She likes getting into things.



My Charlie can be a devil. I think sometimes that special mark on his nose which makes him so unique IS the mark of the devil! Only kidding-my husband and I love him to death, but you must admit, the spot hits the SPOT!!!!!

Susan Immerman


My name's Beamer and I'm Weaver and Ouija's niece. I'm a Cairn puppy and I love my rat, flying saucer, and squeaky mirror. Everybody LOVES me!
Casey & Shilo, 'granddogs' of Dick & Nancy Yale, Endicott, NY

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Yuno (read : u know) , Yuno Von Gareman. I'm over 4 years old now. It's a quite an old age for dogs, but I've never been married. I've got a lazy master who doesn't make any effort to find me a spouse. By seeing my picture, I'm sure you can guess my breed.

According to a handbook on Pugs, I'm just an avarage-looking Pug, not too good, but also not too bad. My teeth are arranged irregularly, I don't know why, may be it's because I was very naughty. I bit and ripped every solid thing just to satisfy my young soul. Or may be it's genetic.

I don't care how I look like as long as my master cares for me. Yup, he always does. That's why I'm happy living in this world with some, I say, malformations I have in me. He puts much time to simply take a look at me, smile, and sometimes tease me. The thing I like most about my master is he likes to throw crumbs in order to see me run to them and sometimes I have to search for them because he pretends to throw in some other direction first before he actually throws a crumb.

Let's talk about the marriage thing. My statement above is only a joke. My master is not lazy, he's just concerned about my skin problem. It's been a year since I developed this problem and I've been in different kind of therapies, but none of them could solve my skin problem. My skin first became reddish, then continued to become black -- especially my ventral skin. The problem began around my testes and spread to my chest and legs, generating some kind of crust on anterior face of my legs. Talking about testes, I only have one. Do you think I can do the man's job? My master is afraid I could transmit my disease to my spouse. So, whether I will be married or not depends on whether my master suceeds in curing my disease. I would appreciate any suggestions from you guys on how to treat this disease. My vet told me that I had a hair follicle parasite called Demodex. But I think the parasites are eradicated by now, at least that was what the guy in the grooming salon told me.

Contact me if you want to know me better. You can send me email to my master's address at

Hi my name is Wilber. My parents named me after the TERRIFIC pig in the book Charlotte's Web, because to them I am one TERRIFIC PIG BOY!

I'm going to be 2 years old this March 1999 and I'm sure they're going to do something real special for me; I can't wait. They think I like to dress up for the holidays, but I just humor them. I have my own room in the house and when I'm tired of all the attention, I simply go to my room and close the door.

I also have a pigloo, pool and a pool with balls in it to forage for my foodies( it's fun ).

I share MY back yard with a DOG (yuck) and wish that I only had to share it with my parents. They are the only ones that really understand me. I do get into things when I'm not being watched so my parents got smart and built fences around everything. I do have fun trying to get around or under these fences; there has to be a way, I know it!

Sometimes my Mommy gets sad, because she found out that it's not legal for me to live in our city even though the cities around us have laws that piggies can stay there.

She tried to find out what to do, but our city council passed a law that makes me illegal. Funny, I don't feel like a criminal. So, she still worries that people won't understand I'm like a human child and it would be like taking one of her other kids away.

I'm a good boy and better than those DOGS that bark and dig and bite in the neighborhood, and they can stay. I don't understand people.

That's my story.


Willy, Tonia and family


santap2.jpg (43525 bytes) Tonia Patton sends these pictures of her "Baby Willie in piggy costume."


Waiting for the Sun

Hi our names are Samantha and Sabrina, I am a year old Cairn Terrier and my
buddy is a six month old White Hiland Terrier.  We are sitting in our lounge
chair waiting for the sun to come out and wondering when El Nino will end so
we can get our folks to fill the swimming pool.  We are anxiously looking for
the sun to come out.

Owner---Joyce White

look4sun.jpg (32891 bytes)


TrapperBeach.jpg (25109 bytes)


Trapper is a 2-1/2 year old female Cairn Terrier who adopted me and quickly trained me to do as she wanted. She loves to play hard, then snuggle up close when she gets tired. She is quite the character - so full of personality. Thanks for allowing her to be part of The Animal Channel.

---- Marie Shuffitt

K.C.- Norman, Oklahoma

K.C.'s owner, John Ivey, found her limping in the parking lot of an apartment complex. "She likes to catch bugs on the back porch in the evenings and she likes her food bowl completely full or she lets me know," John says.

  K.C. From Norman, Oklahoma

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Flash the Ferret

Flash is a 2 1/2-year old sable female who lives in Virginia. Her owner, Joyce Dawson, writes:

Photo of Mama Daisy, who was trapped in a shed in back of my sister-in-law's house in the country. Daisy had two babies who I trapped first. Got her spayed and she's turned into a lap lizard. She's like a rain barrel and likes to eat. Another animal left to its own devices safely rescued.

---- Joyce Dawson, Virginia

Owned by Joyce Dawson of Arlington, Virginia

"My Cairn boys pull carts in a dog carting parade drill team."
                                        ----Carol Loeb

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Couch potato

"My cat likes to sit up straight," says Erik Lyon."She reminds me of a couch potato. All she needs is a remote control and a beer."

Description needed

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